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Factsheet Pro Kind

Last Update: 19st March, 2009


Short Titel

Pro Kind


A randomized, controlled trial of early childhood intervention in Germany.


First-time mothers with low income (ALG II/Sozialhilfe Support) and one of the following additional risk factors: teenage-mom, no graduation, victim of familial violence, health problems (e.g. addiction), social isolation or other.


Home-visitation by specially trained home visitors (midwifes or team of midwife/social pedagogue) from the 12th week of pregnancy until the child’s second birthday

53 visits scheduled, number of visits can be modified according to needs and risk constellations of the family served.

Curriculum and ccntents of the home visits are adapted from the Nurse Family Partnership (NFP).

Control group receives transportation fees for regular pediatric medical checkup.

Number of Participants

Lower Saxony: N = 340 in the Cities of Hannover, Garbsen, Laatzen, Braunschweig, Celle Göttingen, Wolfsburg, and the rural area of Celle.

Bremen: N = 200 in Bremen und Bremerhaven.

Saxony: N = 200 in Dresden, Leipzig and rural areas.

A total of 740 Participants of whom 370 are Controls.

Recruitment of Participants

Recruitment phase is 1st of May 2006 through end of april 2009. Co-operation partners submit addresses of possibly elegible pregnant women. One-hour admission interview by specialized staff member to apply inclusion criteria. If inclusion criteria apply, opening of envelope with result of randomization.


Biased coin design with being under-age and ethnicity as strata.

Research Methods

Biannual socioecomic evaluation resembling GSOEP (German Socioeconomic Panel) via telephone-interview. Collection of administrative data concerning health, health care utilization and delinquency.

Biannual psychosocial evaluation via personal interview.

Developmental testing: Bayley Scales II, K-ABC.

Speech development testing: ELFRA 1 and 2, SETK 2, SETK 3-5.

Socio-emotional development: CBCL 1 1/2 - 5 Jahre.

Implementation research: Interviews with involved persons and institutions, e.g. site leaders, home visitors, local authorities.

Research is funded until the child’s second birthday. Follow-ups are intended.

Responsible Researchers

Head of Economic Research: PD Dr. Peter F. Lutz, Leibniz University Hannover (e-Mail)

Head of Psychosocial and Implementation Research: Prof. Dr. Tanja Jungmann, Leibniz University (e-Mail)

Website of Pro Kind Foundation