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Seminar Staatsverschuldung (272058)

Seminar Profile

General Details
Seminar title permanent seminar title, irrespective of semester
Course code(s)
Academic session WiSe 19/20
Course availability SoSe / WiSe / SoSe and WiSe
Course content content relating to the respective semester
Target group / area (Zuordnung)

MSc WiWi PO 2018: area XYZ

Number of participants 20 / 40
Course language German / English / German or English [if applicable, differentiate between the seminar and written assignments]
Location internal seminar / external seminar
Industry partner yes [name of company] / no
Timetable weekly / block course
Completion of term paper during lecture period / during lecture-free period
Requirements and Academic Support
Objectives keywords
Prerequisites keywords
Introductory course to academic research compulsory [link to course; a brief description and timetable on the next line] / recommended [link to course] / no
Formal guidelines guide to academic research [link to guide] / none
General literature 1 to 3 sources maximum, to maintain clarity
Basic literature to introduce each topic yes / no
Methodology keyword(s)
Specialised software R / Matlab / ... / none
Recommended word processing software LATEX / MS Word / ... / no particular recommendation
Length of term paper number of pages
Meeting(s) to discuss outline 1 / 2 / 3 [min./max.]
Performance requirements / evaluation  [indicate weighting] attendance, oral participation, etc. including percentage  [or list as bullet points]
Examiner(s) Prof. Dr. NAME
Contact person Name and link
Group Assignments and Topics
Group assignment compulsory / possible / no
Group size 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / - / [or size range e.g. “2 - 4”]
Group formation drawn at random / preference-based / student suggestions / etc.
Topics link to list of topics or information on when topics will be announced
Assignment of topics drawn at random / preference-based / first come, first served / etc.
Initial registration via PDF form [link] / online form [link] / email [email address] / Stud.IP / none
Process Schedule
Initial registration / application date and time / -
Initial discussion / topic discussion / kick-off meeting date and time, room / -
Topic assignment date and time
Formal (binding) registration date and time, room
Commencement of seminar paper date
Submission of seminar paper date and time, room
Submission of presentation date and time, room
Presentation date and time, location/room