Seminar Staatsverschuldung (272058)

Seminar Profile

General Details
Seminar title Seminar Staatsverschuldung
Course code(s) 272058
Academic session Fall term 23/24
Course availability Fall
Course content Public debt
Target group / area (Zuordnung)

BSc WiWi PO 2017: Kompetenzbereich VWL

Number of participants 20
Course language German or English
Location internal seminar
Industry partner No
Timetable Block course
Completion of term paper during lecture period
Requirements and Academic Support
Objectives Academic work, expanding knowledge in the field of public debt
Prerequisites None
Introductory course to academic research No
Formal guidelines None
General literature General literature on the individual topics will be announced during the kick-off meeting
Basic literature to introduce each topic Yes
Methodology Literature work, possibly simple statistical analyses
Specialised software None
Recommended word processing software LATEX / MS Word
Length of term paper 10
Meeting(s) to discuss outline Minimum 1, maximum 3
Performance requirements / evaluation  [indicate weighting] attendance, oral participation [20%], presentation [30%], term paper [50%]
Examiner(s) Prof. Dr. Maximilian Todtenhaupt
Contact person Prof. Dr. Maximilian Todtenhaupt
Group Assignments and Topics
Group assignment compulsory
Group size 2-3
Group formation preference-based


1. Public debt in the OECD countries

2. National debt in developing countries

Debt rules

3. Do debt rules prevent excessive debt?

4. The debt rules in the European Union

5. Debt ceilings in Germany

6. How were debt rules applied during the corona pandemic?

Political Economy of Public Debt

7. National Debt and Elections

8. National debt and ideology

Fiscal councils

9. Fiscal councils in Europe

10. How do fiscal councils prevent excessive debt?

Economic consequences of national debt

11. National debt and tax competition

12. Public debt and economic growth

13. National bankruptcy

Assignment of topics preference-based (random draw if undecided)
Initial registration from 06. october till 13. october via web form
Process Schedule
Initial registration / application Until October 13, 2023 via the web form
Initial discussion / topic discussion / kick-off meeting Monday, October 16, 2023 14.30-16 pm, room 332 (1501)
Topic assignment During the kick-off meeting (based on web form preferences)
Formal (binding) registration Until October 23, 2023, 2:00 pm
Commencement of seminar paper October 23, 2023
Submission of seminar paper January 26, 2024, 2:00 pm
Submission of presentation After presentation
Presentation December 20. 2023, 08.30 am-15.30 pm, Raum 112 (1501)